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Hunt for the Red Baron Hunt for the Red Baron

Rated 3 / 5 stars


SHIT SHIT I was hijacked by some crazy turban loonies, and I ran into a tower in Nyc.
The games ok, its hard, controls are a little stiff, and the style is a little stylish as an antique gift shop: Historical and novelty, but it's a freaking antique gift shop.
The preloader was sweet shit though.

StillBeatingPictures responds:

You can turn the "antique" style on and off :P
Thanks for the review.

Newgrounds Radio Newgrounds Radio

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is great!

This is actually great, this should be on the front page of Audio Portal at all times, as a website widget. If this were an ipod/iphone app, I would totally have it.
I found quite a few great songs.

Tetraform Tetraform

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Woo hoo!

This game has had a lot of hard work put into it. The special effects are fantastic. Very unique gameplay mechanic too. And you always see new enemies.
2nd place!

Ching Chong Beautiful Ching Chong Beautiful

Rated 5 / 5 stars

God damn.

This game is beautifully crafted. I laughed my ass off too, what did I expect?
The voices, art, music, and programming of GODS.

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Futility Futility

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Oh my god.

I got all the way to insanely insanely stupidly hard and MY FINGERS AND EYES HURT!!! Damn this game is too addicting. It's main force is the players urge that screams I HAVE TO BEAT THIS GAME!!!

1KBWC: Deck 1 (Kwing) 1KBWC: Deck 1 (Kwing)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I remember this thread.

Hey I didn't see any of my cards in there. Or Anyone else's from the thread.
Either way they're creative.

Kwing responds:

Yeah, these are only mine... I had them copied. When the thread was deleted, I hadn't gotten any other cards yet, sorry.

Free Rider 2 Free Rider 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is the best sandbox.

I love games that let you make your own levels. And this is number one. The physics are top notch. The flexibility, the animation, the smoothness, and the fun are just..... fantastic.
There's only one problem: When you create a map and save it, you have to copy the text. Then when you load it again, specifically for an auto track, things don't go the right way and play the same. But I'm letting you go on that one.
This is what creation is about.
I love it.

And yes, I have a track. It's just an auto, but it's the first one that didn't bug out when I loaded it.

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Pong 2008 Pong 2008

Rated 1 / 5 stars


Here are some tips.
Up the fps, Frames Per Second, to 24 or above, seriously. 12 fps is no way to make a game, or animation.
Add some sound, theres not much you can add but some music and sound effects maybe.
Add some effects like blur and a background. Maybe make it a little less 'Blah' and more... flashy. Lights, effects, the whole fireworks stand, you know.
The actionscripting for the balls collision is not very good, I experienced some glitches. Sometimes the ball would go right through the corner of my paddle.
I'm just trying to help, so please don't get mad for my honest review.

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LuxGamer responds:

Thanks a lot for your review. I foud it the most helpful. I noticed the glitches but didnt know how to fix them until now. Upping the fps will help. I want to make my flash more flashy but I dont really know where to start. I was thinking maybe adding some power-ups or something.
Thanks gain for the tips

Gemmers Gemmers

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Play it NONSTOP at

This is one of the best games ever. EVER.
Draw my thing is amazing too.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Thinking with shifting.

Shift is an innovative game with a twist, or Shift, I should say.

You play as a charictarless man with a special ability. Level through level the puzzels get harder and harder. Without trying to spoil it, you try to get to the end of the stage, represented by a door, by 'Shifting' through. This Shifting makes you go into the ground and inverts everything, twisting you into another dimension-like stage. You have to shift your way throughout dimensions and platforms to get to the finish.

It's a Puzzel/ Platformer game. But the obsticles are mind churning and thoughtful. The stages are Extremely well thought out and designed. But it often gets repetitive over the first five levels.

The music is a looped song, uh oh. But it is a very scene tune from DanPaladin, so no worries. The Mysterious and Sleuthness of the song helps you think. But the problem is that it's not very long ( about 40 seconds), and it loops. So you're stuck with it.

The graphics are pleasent. Normal arts and charicter animations are flipped into a whole new way when you shift. Not much color aside from black and white. But the color choice does give it classic points. The only colors aside from Black and White is the blood when you die. I'ts fluid blood, but the change from looking at non-colors straight to red is kind of tacky. But thats an extremely picky complaint.

The controls are the plain arrow-keys-to-move style. And you shift by pressing.... Shift! A game that's named after it's main control. You jump by pressing space. But the jumping is very hard for platforming mainly because you have to miss those spikes by an inch at best. But that makes it more challenging. The thing that makes it easier is that you can move while in the air without slowing. Just change the direction in the air and you're charicter will do it without hesitating. So it's pretty easy to back out of mid-jumps whilst in the air if you dont think you'll make the leap.

I'ts a pretty hard game, but it wont take you too long unless you're a retard. The level design, controls, and shifting makes it challenging and fun at the same time.

Gameplay- 10
Sound- 7
Graphics- 9
Colntrols- 8

Overall- 8

Pros: Great Design. You will have fun unless you dont have a brain.

Cons: I still have that song stuck in my head. Slight repitition.

Great game


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The-EXP responds:

Wow, I just read thisreview thinking, "How nice, a serious, well thought out review, how pleasant" It made me laughwhen the sincerity was compeltley shattered in one line - "I'ts a pretty hard game, but it wont take you too long unless you're a retard. " day...maybe one day I'll get a perfect review :p